How to Market a Computer Forensics Practice

How can a computer forensics firm attract clients?  Here’s an idea.

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Use Postcard to Promote Website

First create a web site describing the firm’s services and qualifications.

Then, publicize the website by sending postcards to selected lawyers, county sheriffs and private investigators.

A postcard is better than a letter in an envelope because it can immediately be read without opening.

If the postcard has some original handwriting on it . . . the postcard is more likely to get past a secretary and onto the desk of a busy professional, such as a lawyer who goes to court a lot.

Content for the Postcard

So, the forensics firm could create a short postcard that focuses on . . . and comes from . . . one of its professionals.  The postcard could say something like, “Updating you on my latest work as a computer forensics expert  … [link to website].”

Then, start the postcard with the handwritten first name of the addressee (e.g., “John” or “Maria”). Close the postcard with forensic professional’s handwritten signature in original pen ink (above the professional’s printed name). The handwritten pen ink makes the postcard feel very personal.

Will This Be Worth the Effort?

I am optimistic about the computer forensics industry.  I think it is a growth business.  I think more and more lawyers and police officers realize they can perform better if they have good digital forensics help.  Therefore, I think they will pay attention to the postcard if lands on their desk.

How to Reach the Target Audience

A good target for such a postcard would be divorce and family lawyers (as well as legal assistants or even senior secretaries who work for such lawyers).  Today divorce and family lawyers have an intense appetite for data that is forensically-recoverable from smartphones and social media, but the lawyers don’t know much about forensics.

How does a forensics firm get the postal addresses of lawyers?  Here are two options:

  • The firm could purchase/rent address lists from national, state or local bar associations.  
  • Alternatively, it could get names and addresses from law firm web sites. 

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