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I wish to draw attention to a discussion that appears in comments under a Google Plus post.  Quinn Yost attended a SANS at Night presentation I delivered regarding Bring-Your-Own-Device law.

During the presentation, I had suggested that an employer have a contract with each employee saying that if s/he makes substantial use of an online account for work, then the employer has the option to purchase ownership of the account for $10.

Then Quinn raised his hand and observed that the terms of service at LinkedIn forbid transfer of ownership of an account.

Fortunately, Quinn then followed up on his comment.  He left a detailed comment at the Google Plus link above.  He cited the relevant language from the LinkedIn terms of service.  I am grateful that he did that because he helped me learn about the topic.

As you can see in the comments under the link, I offer an alternative to the $10 purchase option.  I suggest an agreement with the employee to the effect that the employer is deemed the owner of the account from the time the account was created.

I invite your comments!  Is my suggestion practical?  Is it fair?

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