How to Record a Text Message

Get Evidence from Phone

See an incriminating or other important text message you want to record?

Here is training on how to preserve a text message (or a photo or video) for legal, tax or other serious purposes.  The training includes a step-by-step, 12-minute video, plus opportunity for interactive comments, questions and answers.


This video is intended for a general, do-it-yourself audience.

Capture Cheater | Cyberstalker
This video uses as an example a cyberbullying incident.  But it could apply to any of the following involving communication via text, SMS or mobile app:

  • a business transaction, 
  • a marital dispute
  • romantic infidelity
  • domestic violence
  • employment discrimination
  • hostile work environment
  • alibi to a crime

This DYI, continuing education service is not a substitute for legal, technical or other professional advice. There is no guarantee it will enable you to reach the legal or tax result you want. The service provides general education and not specific advice for any particular situation; it does not necessarily cover every legal or technical issue that could apply throughout the world.

If you need legal advice, you should consult your own lawyer. This video can help you interact with and understand your lawyer should you choose to retain one.

Many lawyers do not have a lot of experience with evidence on mobile devices, so this education service may be just as useful to lawyers as it is to anyone else.

Note:  This service is about recording a text message (or video or pictures or other evidence) you can see on the screen of a cell phone or other mobile device, such as an iPad or Android tablet.  It is not about messages that have been deleted, and it is not about how to recover messages from a cell phone carrier or other service provider.

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Here is an updated method, using dual-camera video on a late-model Android phone.

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  1. How to Record a Text Message contains many useful tips that include nuances that would be easy to overlook in the evidence-preservation process. Errors in these small details could have significant legal repercussions, so the video is a useful tool for anyone wishing to record text messages for evidentiary purposes.

    Cindy Chadwick
    Information Security
    Graduate Student