Digital Forensics: Private Eye (PI) License Required for E-Discovery?

Stop-Light Camera Company Liable in Texas?

Does a business need a state-issued license to collect and evaluate electronic records in preparation for litigation? The question is becoming a hot topic in modern lawsuits.

A court in Dallas, Texas, concluded the firm running an automated stop-light enforcement camera was an outlaw because it lacked a professional private eye (PI or private investigator) license. As the operator of the system, the firm was involved in fetching and analyzing electronic records so it could present them in judicial proceedings. This case has sparked a wildfire of complaints, where motorists in the Lone Star State are objecting to traffic tickets, requesting return of fines they've paid and berating public servants who support red-light traffic cameras.

In a nutshell, motorists are contending that judges should ignore the digital camera evidence because it was managed by a rogue, unlicensed private eye.

The quarrel is an surprising consequence of recent Texas legislation (House Bill HB 2833) compelling digital forensics professionals to be licensed as professional private eyes . . . Continue Reading


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