Sedona Conference on E-mail Archival Policy

When to Destroy Instant, Text and Electronic Message Records?

An expert at Messaging Architects submitted a question: "I have been doing research on legal issues impacting the government sector. More and More I read about how the Sedona Principles that came out from the Sedona Conference affects a judge's decision in a case. Is there anything you can share on the subject?" Answer:

Courts are right to look to the Sedona Conference for authority on electronic records law. The Conference's statements are thoughtful, well-researched and carefully written. The statements are most valuable after a lawsuit has been filed.

But, prior to the lawsuit, how helpful are the statements to an enterprise as it establishes records practices? In my modest estimation, The Sedona Guidelines: Best Practice Guidelines & Commentary for Managing Information & Records in the Electronic Age do not contribute much. Nothing in the Guidelines is wrong. Still, . . . Continue Reading


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