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Lesson from Tyco Scandal. In a legal dispute, you want as much of two assets as you can get – evidence and brainpower. You want evidence to supply facts so you can understand and support your side of the case. And you want good analysis and judgment so you can assemble the best arguments and make the best decisions about how to manage your case.

Since e-discovery affects both evidence and brainpower, it is revolutionizing litigation and, more generally, all manner of investigations.

A lawsuit today is not your father’s lawsuit.

The advent of electronic records like e-mail causes the quantity of records potentially relevant to a lawsuit/investigation to swell beyond imagination. In any dispute, this profusion of records opens vast opportunity to those able to exploit it. Smart litigants today (a) welcome oceans of records, and (b) seek advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to glean from those oceans the best case.

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